C208 Caravan Flight Training

Onvoi provides Cessna 208 training with our G-1000 equipped Caravan.  With years of training both civilian and military aviators, our in-depth training program includes the following:

  • Five to seven days of training (including weather days)
  • Two days of Ground instruction on G-1000 and 208 Cockpit
  • G-1000, 208 POH, and other training materials (electronic and printed)
  • C-208 Training
  • Unlimited usage of our G-1000/C208 desktop simulator
  • 15 flight hours flight training to include day, night, VFR, and IFR flights

Prerequisites for this class assumes pilot has over 1,000 flight hours, 25 hours or more of turboprop time, and some experience with glass cockpits or Garmin Navigational Systems. Our Training course covers the following areas plus many more:

  • G-1000 operations
  • Cockpit training
  • Aircraft systems overview
  • Preflight inspections
  • Takeoffs, aborts, go-arounds
  • Emergency procedures
  • VFR and IFR operations/flights
  • Stalls, ditching, Engine failures
  • Turn back procedures
  • Night time flights (IFR/VFR)
  • Enroute procedures
  • Precision/Non-Precision approaches
  • High altitude operations
  • Flight in Icing conditions
  • Steep turns, slow flights
  • Unusual attitude recovery
  • System malfunctions
  • Airstart procedures
  • Ground operations
  • MDF/FMS Usage
  • Initial Instructor qualification
  • Instructor checkride

Additional Training Available includes:

  • 208 flight instructor training
  • Refresher flight and ground training
  • Rental of our 208 for currency, cross country trips, and time building
  • Individual courses tailored to student experience

Contact us at 662-655-4554 or email: contact@ogsvc.com for current pricing and schedule availability